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Our Training

Classroom Experience

Here at JRNY we want our learners to not just achieve their course, but to really enjoy it. We do not believe in cramming 20 - 30 delegates into one classroom with one trainer who has to work at a predefined speed to ensure everybody gets to the end of course.  We limit our classroom size to a maximum of 15 learners, and in most cases we do not put more than 10 people into a single class.  We do this as we believe that the interaction and learning experience that our delegates get is much better when they have greater access to the trainer, and the trainer has the time to work with each individual.

Online Experience

Are you one of the thousands of people who have bought a course, got stuck at a point and then stopped because you cannot progress further on your own?  If you  are, it is probably because you didn't buy one of our courses. Online learning is great, it allows you to study and learn at your own pace, at whatever time suits you and in the comfort of any location you choose.  Where it falls down is when you get stuck, because with normal online learning you have to find your own answers. Not with our programmes however.  All of our programmes give you access to our support team, who are qualified technicians and can support you to continue your journey.  

What happens to your course if you get really stuck though, as in, so stuck that you actually need some face to face time with a trainer? Well we have you covered for that too, you can purchase time with one of our trainers per hour, meaning you only pay for what you need.

Exam Resits

We never like to see a learner not pass, but it happens.  For the majority of our courses we offer a free resit for the exam, and for some of our classroom courses we even offer the opportunity to sit the whole training course again absolutely free of charge.