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JRNY Apprenticeships

Information for Employers

If you are looking to hire new staff, apprenticeships should be a real consideration. You will be opening your doors to enthusiastic, motivated individuals who are looking to start or develop their career in the area you are recruiting for. With programmes from 15-36 months, there are opportunities to take apprentices on at entry level undertaking Level 2 or 3 qualifications, through to more experienced hires that could be undertaking a degree or masters degree programme.

We will assist you in recruiting the apprentice, advertising on key sites such as the Find and Apprenticeship website, Total Jobs, Indeed, Reed and CV Library to give you access to a wide pool of talent. We can then run the whole recruitment process for you, hosting assessment days, arranging interviews and giving feedback to the candidates afterwards.

People are key to businesses being successful, but finding time to train them and being able to afford it are a big challenge. A national survey showed that in 2015 the average amount of training an employee got ranged from 4.8 days in employers with more than 250 staff up to 10.1 days in employers with 2-4 employees.

Training doesn't have to be expensive or challenging. Our programmes enable you to up-skill your staff in areas such as IT & Digital, Leadership & Management, Project Management & Business Change / Improvement and HR & Professional Services. All of our programmes include nationally or industry recognised qualifications, for example you could have somebody undertake our Infrastructure Technician programme and achieve 4 Microsoft qualifications and ITIL, that's over £10,000 of industry recognised qualifications.

Benefits to your Organization

Increase Employee Retention

Having an apprenticeship scheme in place is highly likely to increase your retention rate. Statistics show that trainees tend to be committed to an organisation that has helped them to develop.

Develop Your Own Talent

Fill current or predicted skills shortages by growing your own talent in-house. Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to train people in the specific areas in which you feel resource is needed the most 

Enhance Productivity

Having an apprentice allows more experienced employees to delegate certain tasks, providing them with more time to concentrate on their core responsibilities.


Information for Learners

An apprenticeship is a job with training to industry standards. It should be about entry to a recognised occupation, involve a substantial programme of on and off-the-job training and the apprentice’s occupational competence should be tested by an independent, end point assessment. Apprenticeships are employer-led: employers set the standards, create the demand for apprentices to meet their skills needs, fund the apprenticeship and are responsible for employing and training the apprentice. But the needs of the apprentice are equally important: to achieve competence in a skilled occupation, which is transferable and secures long term earnings potential, greater security and the capability to progress in the workplace.

Not all training is an apprenticeship. Work experience alone, shorter duration training for a job, attending a course, or assessing and certificating an employee who is already working in the occupation, are all positive forms of learning and accreditation at work but they are not apprenticeships.

We have developed a challenging and stretching training and learning programme developed and delivered with the active involvement of the employer(s), which uses a range of effective on and off the job training methods as well as work itself.

National standards built into a demanding independent assessment at the end of the apprenticeship, carried out by a registered apprenticeship assessment organisation, which meets the Institute’s requirements for quality, set out in its guidance on external quality assurance.

Benefits for Apprentice


The job role, together with the off the job training, provides opportunities to cover the full occupational profile and learning all of the skills, knowledge and behaviours required

Coaching and Mentoring

A motivating and supportive workplace with coaching and mentoring support for the apprentice and continuous assessment of progress

Quality Training

Apprenticeships will deliver high quality training and outcomes for apprentices in terms of quality and achievement

 JRNY will soon be offering Apprenticeships in:

  • Digital Industries
    • Infrastructure Technician Level 3
    • IT Solutions Technician Level 3
    • Network Engineer Level 4
    • Cyber Security Technologist Level 4
  • Non Digital
    • Business Administrator Level 3
    • Associate Project Manager Level 4