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Apprenticeships for Employers

If you are looking to hire new staff, apprenticeships should be a real consideration. You will be opening your doors to enthusiastic, motivated individuals who are looking to start or develop their career in the area you are recruiting for. With programmes from 15-24 months, there are opportunities to take apprentices on at entry level undertaking Level 2 or 3 qualifications, through to more experienced hires that could be undertaking a foundation degree, degree or masters degree programme.

We will assist you in recruiting the apprentice, advertising on key sites such as the Find an Apprenticeship website, Total Jobs, Indeed, Reed and CV Library to give you access to a wide pool of talent. We can then run the whole recruitment process for you, hosting assessment days, arranging interviews and giving feedback to the candidates afterwards.


People are key to businesses being successful, but finding time to train them and being able to afford it are a big challenge. A national survey showed that in 2015 the average amount of training an employee got ranged from 4.8 days in employers with more than 250 staff up to 10.1 days in employers with 2-4 employees.

Training doesn't have to be expensive or challenging. Our programmes enable you to up-skill your staff in areas such as IT & Digital, Leadership & Management, Project Management & Business Change / Improvement and HR & Professional Services. All of our programmes include nationally or industry recognised qualifications, for example you could have somebody undertake our Infrastructure Technician programme and achieve 4 Microsoft qualifications and ITIL, that's over £10,000 of industry recognised qualifications.


Benefits to your Organisation 

Increase Employee Retention

Having an apprenticeship scheme in place is highly likely to increase your retention rate. Statistics show that trainees tend to be committed to an organisation that has helped them to develop. 


Develop Your Own Talent

Fill current or predicted skills shortages by growing your own talent in-house. Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to train people in the specific areas in which you feel resource is needed the most 


Enhance Productivity

Having an apprentice allows more experienced employees to delegate certain tasks, providing them with more time to concentrate on their core responsibilities.



There is a reason that some of the UK major employers choose to utilise JRNY, and that is because our approach is transparent, structured and provides both the individual undertaking the apprenticeship and their employer with a quality first approach. 

Our Trainers

Our trainers all come from the industry sector that they train, having at least 3 year's experience working in the role or more senior as the programme they are going to teach. For example, if somebody was undertaking the Associate Project Manager programme, their trainer would have been a Project Manager for at least 3 years. We believe this real life industry experience provides a significant advantage to our learners, being able to learn from somebody who has faced the challenges they face, and can give them real life advice on how to overcome them.

20% off the job hours

Many employers have a concern about the 20% off the job training requirement, but we work with our employers to embrace it, understand how it is met, and with planning demonstrate how facilitating it can be done with minimal disruption to the day to day business.

Integrated E-Portfolio, Virtual Learning Environment and Review System

Our learners and employers all have access to our online system provided by MWS Technology called APTEM. This system allows us to on-board a learner, completing their application, initial assessments and Skills Gap Analysis online from anywhere at anytime. The system then takes this information and completes the government documentation required, creates an Individual Learning Plan and compliant Commitment Statement, ready to be signed by all parties right in the same system.

Some of the questions we get asked by employers:

Q. Where can I see my learners programme plan and progress to date?

Q. How can I find out when the training or reviews are planned for?

Q. Where can I find all of the progress reviews so far?

Q. How can i see the work my apprentice has completed?

A. Simply, in APTEM.

An apprentice's line manager can only see information about the apprentices they are responsible for, but an apprenticeship lead can see all of the apprentices they have across the entire employer.

Example Learning Plan

The system really does enable both apprentice and employer to see exactly whats happened, what should have happened and what is planned to happen all in one place.

Our Delivery Model

All of our programmes run with a blended delivery model comprising of 1-2-1 coaching sessions at the workplace, 5 day knowledge workshops and online learning / assignments.

Our typical 15-18 month programmes run with the following:

7 x 3 hour 1-2-1 coaching sessions at the workplace

6 x 5 day classroom knowledge workshops

Mock End Point Assessment

Formal End Point Assessment