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About Us

SEP began as a business offering government funded training courses to those who needed to improve their knowledge and skills utilising programmes such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Demand was huge, which led to the expansion of the company to allow them to provide more classrooms supporting more people that needed those skills to get themselves back in to work, change careers, gain promotions or be better equipped to help their children in a world where technology is everywhere.
Having trained over 500 people in 2018/19, we realised that we could offer more opportunity to people, by expanding into apprenticeships and other more technical qualifications that would allow people to expand their skills and knowledge even further. There was also demand for our training courses from people who were not eligible for funding, that they wanted to find a way to help.
With the growth of the business, industry experience was vital to meet the regulatory requirements the business transferred to new ownership with a new CEO being appointed to SEP Educational Services to ensure it had dedicated focus on providing the best experience possible to our clients and learners. With that, it was identified that the name sounded institutional, rather than a modern, forward thinking training company who can provide training for those looking to learn how to use a computer, right through to those who want to train at the the very top level of their profession, so the JRNY brand was created.
JRNY (pronounced journey) was created from our vision of the learning journey, the journey that you undertake to improve your knowledge and skills for personal or professional advancement, that you need our support to achieve.
Our tag line, Investing in Learning, Supporting the Journey is how we feel about learning, we invest in our products to ensure you get a great experience whilst supporting your learning journey.
Whether it is government funded learning, classroom or online professional training from the likes of Microsoft / CompTIA / Axelos / ILM, or an apprenticeship in Digital, Leadership or Project Management, we look forward to supporting your learning journey with us.