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Wake Up To The Benefits Of Apprenticeships


With the latest changes to the way we employ and train apprentices, now is the best time for employers to wake up to the benefits of apprenticeships.


Recent changes mean that apprenticeships aren’t just limited to traditional, vocational roles but can also cover roles in admin and project management. This has created a far wider pool of potential talent.


Creating a space in the workplace for a trainee can bring more than just an extra body in the office, it can bring significant benefits to your business.


Overcome skills shortages

Many employers are reporting that they are finding it hard to recruit skilled employees, mostly as a result of a skills shortage and a recruitment shortage. A simple way to overcome these difficulties is to train your own staff, particularly if your business has specific admin or project management requirements. Training someone to work in your admin department or to manage your projects in a way that suits your business, can provide a loyal staff member for years to come.


Update your skills

Introducing a staff member who is undergoing external training means that you have the opportunity to introduce the latest skills to your workplace. This can have a huge impact on the rest of your team and their productivity as a new perspective and fresh talent can begin to change and modernise mindsets.


Apprentices make a valuable contribution

When asked by the National Apprenticeship Service, 41% of employers said that their apprentices had made a valuable contribution to their businesses. Having access to a potentially unlimited resource of young and enthusiastic talent can be the building blocks for future improvements to your business.